Motherless on Mother’s Day

Yesterday, a friend asked how I felt about Mother’s Day. “Do you think of your mother during Mother’s Day typically?” It seemed like a very strange question. Maybe intrusive. Maybe just something out of sheer curiosity from someone who doesn’t understand loss in that way. Still, while the question was strange to think of, the … Continue reading Motherless on Mother’s Day

Surviving the Holidays with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. I love what the season represents. I love giving gifts, helping others and being with family and friends. It had always been a special time for me. Yet, that wasn't the case a couple years ago. My son was only a couple months old and I … Continue reading Surviving the Holidays with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

The Breakdown

The days would go by, and there was a countdown. Inevitably, my husband would have to return to work. We were only half way through his paternity leave, but I was still terrified. I knew that in a matter of time, my son and I would be alone. I had convinced myself that I was … Continue reading The Breakdown

Are you being Mommy Tracked? 

At first, Candice thought she was overreacting. Were things really different in the office ? Or was it just that her priorities changed ?  She was a first time parent and elected to take a few months of maternity leave. Although she was a dedicated career woman, she had great joy in being a mother … Continue reading Are you being Mommy Tracked? 

A Mommy Story: Silently Suffering with PPD 

Every Mommy has a story. This is my opportunity to recognize these Moms and their experiences. In this post, we learn about Melissa, who did not know she was suffering from Postpartum Depression. I don’t think I can say that I was prepared for my labor. I wish I knew that there were so many … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Silently Suffering with PPD 

Trigger Points

The primary reason I started blogging was because I wanted to help others. I wanted to let others know about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I needed them to know that they weren't alone, and recovery was possible. This blog gave me a new purpose. It provided a way to give back that was meaningful and … Continue reading Trigger Points

5 Things I Learned as a New Mom

It's funny, but the moment you announce that you're pregnant, tons of advice (wanted and unwanted) come pouring in.  All in good intention, but it can be overwhelming for a new mom-to-be.  Despite this, it was not a surprise that I came to discover a few things on my own once I became a mother. … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned as a New Mom

Is this a Postpartum Relapse?

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. Methods or statements included in this entry are from my own personal experiences, and are of my own opinion. Please consult a mental health professional should you need more personalized, detailed assistance. I returned to work from maternity leave part time at the beginning of this month.  … Continue reading Is this a Postpartum Relapse?

Postpartum Depression / Anxiety

I admit. The title of this entry is not the most positive, and it's not the one that someone wants to immediately read. It probably doesn't apply to many of you, but I thought it would be appropriate to post.  It's bit lengthy, but I wanted to detail my own experience with PPA / PPD. … Continue reading Postpartum Depression / Anxiety