#momlife: Mommyhood is a Rollercoaster!

Mommyhood is a rollercoaster ride! - thismommyisreal.com

In this latest edition of #momlife, we meet Deeksha from India.  Deeksha candidly talks about her first-time motherhood experience, and the surprises she encounters. Although she’s on the other side of the globe, her discovery about motherhood is all too relatable! Meet Deeksha, and her self-professed Motherhood Rollercoaster ride:

Hi to all moms out there reading this post! I know that you would agree instantly as you read the title of this post; Mommyhood is Roller Coaster Ride! Those who are not moms yet, can’t fully understand this; you have to sit in a roller coaster to enjoy it completely! The peaceful and free life that you enjoy before being a mommy is missed dearly after you get “Your Bundle of Joy” in your arms.

It all starts with the time you get the #GoodNews: getting pregnant! The day I confirmed that I was expecting, I became completely numb. Although it was a planned pregnancy, I felt scared, terrified and confused. How could I have another ‘being’ inside me? Looking back, I feel that my reactions were so funny. However, I guess many of you can relate to my experiences.

The one thing that I was most scared of was the delivery. From, the very moment that I knew I was expecting, I used to continuously think of it. I would become afraid of one thought: ”how will this baby come out of me?” This question kept haunting me until the last few days of my pregnancy.


Those nine months were really difficult for me (as they are for all moms). Luckily, I didn’t have any complications in my pregnancy.  However, I still suffered from common ailments, such as, swollen feet, nausea and the inability to bend or sleep on my tummy (my favorite posture!). I developed an allergy from certain smells, which me made me feel sick.  Little did I know that in time, my baby would be born, and that would change my entire life: sleepless nights with nappy changing and preparing baby milk were awaiting me.

The night my baby girl was born was unforgettable. I had a C-section, as I was too scared for a “Normal Delivery”.  The moment that I saw my baby’s face and kissed her forehead made me feel like a ‘mom’ for the first time.

However, the real challenges were lay ahead! Five days after I got discharged from hospital, I realized what it took to be a real mom.  This included sleepless nights, frequent nappy changes, washing feeders and preparing baby milk. They were all too tiring. It’s funny, but I thought that once she grew up, my life would be easier. Now, I realize a mommy’s life never gets easy! As my baby grew, I found her doing different mischievous activities around the clock.


My daughter is now a little over 3 years old, and her adventures are non-stop, all day long. She is always jumping, running, dancing and playing. She especially loves to “paint”! You’d have to be a mother to understand this. She loves to paint, and will do so whenever she gets an opportunity; This means that she often “paints” and “writes” on our pure white walls.

My little girl also loves putting on makeup.  Her eyes are always on my cosmetics. Whenever she gets to them, she applies them generously on her face and lips.  Even as I write this post, she is applying her baby powder on her big teddy bear, just as she has seen on TV.  She is also giving the teddy a body massage with the powder, which is almost empty. As you can see, these are just a handful of things she does. You have to see her to believe me how active and adventurous she is, which totally opposite of her mom!

All mommies have their own share of fun and struggles while raising their babies. I certainly have! However, there’s no doubt that my life would have been really boring had I not become a mommy! My daughter is my biggest strength and my instant stress buster! She loves me and I love her. From mother to mother, I hope you all have a fun-filled adventurous mommy rollercoaster!

img_8255Author’s Bio

This post has been authored by Deeksha Tripathi, a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mother of a toddler and owner of wonderfulwomen.in, where she writes inspirational stories of real women who have made a difference to the world. You can find Deeksha here:

Blog url: http://wonderfulwomen.in/

Pinterest url: https://in.pinterest.com/deeksha_tripath/


20 thoughts on “#momlife: Mommyhood is a Rollercoaster!

  1. I agree that motherhood can be a roller coaster. I have 3 girls. Each stage of life brings different things. My older two girls are in school. My youngest is a toddler and loves to dig into things and draw on things she’s not supposed to draw on.


  2. I’m not a mother yet, but I’m always intrigued to find out how it is to reach the motherhood phase. I mean, I want to be a mother someday and I’m sure it has its ups and downs, although the ability to see our child smile pays it off. thanks a lot for sharing this! 🙂


  3. World’s toughest and best job is being a mom…it has its challenges and rewards. Every mom on the earth will relate to the article and relive moments of motherhood.


  4. I enjoyed this post! I, too, was unaware of just how much become a mama would change my life! The sleep deprivation was challenging–as was having a baby who never let me put him down! That’s alright though, because that just meant more snuggles.

    Yes, I agree that a mommy’s life never really gets easy. Though it does get better in some ways. I have a lot less time for fun (e.g. date nights, travel, etc…) but Danny has brought SO much joy into our lives and we wouldn’t trade him for the world. It’s so fun to watch their little personalities develop, and to have them communicate with you :-). Your daughter sounds like such a delight to be around!


  5. I completely agree. My road to motherhood was rough and definitely a roller coaster ride and I am still amazing how much my little girl changes everyday! But its the most fun rollercoaster ever!


  6. Agree! Being a mum is like walking blindfolded in the unknown, it’s exciting, yet scary! Definitely something you can’t be prepared for, but also something I wouldn’t change.


  7. My kids are grown and yet I have not gotten off this mommyhood roller-coaster! Haha. It gets difficult and frustrating at times but I would never give this up in exchange for anything in this world. My children are my most precious blessings!


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