I Had a Poshmark Return

In the 4+ years that I’ve been selling on Poshmark, I can recall two previous times where I had to deal with a return.

The first return was during my initial months of selling. During this time, you were only limited to 4 photos a listing. I thought that I had described my item as best as I could, and indicated pictures of the flaws. It turns out, the buyer said that there was more wear than I had shown. I tried to fight it, but Poshmark sided with the buyer. Luckily for me, this buyer was an honest Posher, and she had returned the bag in the same condition. She even sent a note explaining her side and advised she still believed that I was a great seller.

My second return was my own fault. It happened two years later. The buyer purchased a blazer, but found it was a 3/4 Sleeve. I never mentioned that detail in my listing. She wanted a full length. I admitted fault and asked Posh to expedite the return. The buyer again was an honest Posher, and she returned the blazer quickly and in the same condition that I sent it. I was able to resell it to another buyer, who had no complaints.

Until now, those were the extent of my returns experiences. No issues, honest buyers, and an easy transaction.

My experience with a Poshmark return - thismommyisreal.com
This past month, I had my first return in years. It was a bit of a frustrating experience. I had received an email from Poshmark stating that a case had been opened because the buyer stated that an item was “broken, damaged or stained.” They mentioned the policy of asking the buyer to describe the issue and sending photos. They also stated that if I wanted to send feedback, I could do so through the app.

I was a bit annoyed. Of course, I had planned to send feedback. However, how could I do so if I didn’t know which of her bundled items had the issue? How could I know what to refute if I had no details about her compliant ? It was a flawed, generic email.

A few days later, I received an email from support again, stating that they had approved the return. I was shocked. They mentioned that the buyer claimed “additional wear” and attached photos, which I finally had access to.  At this point, I was confused. Why did they approve the return without giving me enough details or photos to even refute it? I responded and asked for details. They finally gave me the photos and said the buyer indicated “more wear than described”.

This buyer bought a bundle, and the shirt she stated was the issue was nearly free of charge after the discount. Her claim indicated severe tears at the neckline, which were not shown or described. I was surprised. I would have never sold any items in that condition. The type of tears she indicated were very obvious, so there was no way that it could have been overlooked. Yet, Poshmark approved her return request.

I was appalled. How could it be approved ? I had sent in my rebuttal, but only after I had to request from Support as to why the return was being approved. It wasn’t right. When I responded with my own photos to compare and advise that my items were actually without wear, I was told to wait for the returned package.

When it finally came, I was shocked. The shirt was torn in such a way that it had to be discarded. It had odors. The other top was there, but it also had odors. The third item in the bundle was missing, and in its place was a sweater that did not belong to me. It too has a worn odor.

I immediately alerted Poshmark via the app and in response to the support email. I included my photos again, along with photos of the top that wasn’t mine. I reiterated that the items not in the same condition that I sent, there were evidence of wear (odor), and I received a top that wasn’t sold in my closet (my original top still with the buyer).

After some time, I finally received an email from support. They stated it was hard to tell who was at fault, and many things are overlooked by users. Because they valued me as a user, they gave me my earnings.

Before that email, I had received a satisfaction survey from Poshmark. That seemed premature. How could I have rated them if the case was still open? Needless to say, once the case was officially closed, I ranked the process as not satisfactory.

I believe the returns process remains flawed. Both buyers and sellers need to be treated equally. We as sellers should have a right to know (via Support) what the buyer’s claim is before a decision is made. We should receive details with photos instead of a generalized email. Once proof from the buyer is provided, the seller should be given time to review the claim before the decision has been made. We should be given the opportunity to issue our agreement or provide disagreement with an accompanying statement.

I can see the difficulty in finding the responsible party in cases like this. However, like many sellers, I feel that it heavily supports the buyer. I agree that buyers need security when purchasing online, but not to the extent where they can receive refunds for vague or little details to the seller.

Overall, though I’m dissatisfied with the process, it has not deterred me from selling. I have made a decent number of sales since that return. Every single buyer was pleased and did not file a return request. My buyer satisfaction ratio is still quite high. 3 returns total, 2 of which were “damage” cases. After all this time, it is still a great rate.

Furthermore, it doesn’t change my selling and listing strategies. I will continue to take detailed photos and write descriptions. I won’t let one bad transaction ruin an otherwise positive experience. The cancellation doesn’t appear to potential buyers. Once the transaction was closed, I blocked the buyer and never looked back. There’s no sense in allowing someone like that impact my success.

What are your experiences with the Poshmark return process?

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  1. I have to be honest the whole no returns policy isnt really true at all. truthfully the whole process can be very scary. i have made over 8K sales on poshmark and everytime I send something Im a little scared! posh mark says there is no returns unless its clearly not what the seller described. This basically gives the buyer the ability to alter the item if they have buyers remorse or it doesnt fit and they’ll be able to get their money back! or complain about tiny little flaws that I as the seller didnt even know about. both instances have happened to me.

    the first return i got was a $750 YSL bag that was never used. the buyer received it and opened up a case saying there was a big tear on the interior lining. not true. she made sure to do it somewhere where it wouldn’t be visible in pictures and said i ” must have over looked it” the bag was brand new from saks and definietly didnt have a rip. poshmark ended up refunding her money and still paying me. she was asked to ship the bag back to Poshmark ( and they later sold it on their own page but thats another story)

    my second return came just now and here is where I need your help. It was a little Fendi bag that sold for $120. i got it when i was 15… I am now 30. I photographed everything and listed that bag as used. she opened a case stating that there was a buckle missing. I havent worn this bag in 15 years and had no idea a buckle was supposed to be there. i photogrpaphed the bag and there is clearly no buckle . who is at fault? me for not knowing or her for not looking at the pictures?


  2. Hello, I had something strange happen with Poshmark. I recently made a sale and have yet to ship it. However, I got a notification from Poshmark and an email saying that my package has started tracking. Yet, it still sits in my room. What do I do and what has happened? Any insight would be great! Thanks.


  3. I recently listed an item. Brand new, worn once, so cute. I listed it at 1/3 of what I paid for it because I just did not want it. I ended up selling it to someone who offered 20% less than what i listed it for. I was at work finishing up things before x-mas so I had my husband pack it up and ship it for me. It was shipped an hour after the purchase.

    Here is where MY bad came in. I had 2 of the item. My niece has told me how much she liked the shirt but it was not in her size. One day while I was out at a thrift shop, I found the EXACT shirt in my niece’s size! It was not pristine, needed a little cleaning up in armpit area (the little balls you get on sweaters were in there) and could use a wash in oxyclean. But other than that it would be easy for me to fix up for her.
    By mistake, my husband packed up the shirt in need of a little help and that was sent to buyer. Totally a mistake that I can own up to. 2 days later I was looking at my poshmark stock and I realized what had happened. I grabbed the correct shirt put it in a mailer! I jumped on my computer to let the buyer know what had happened and let her know I was going to be shipping out the correct shirt and that I would gladly refund her the other shirt if she wanted to send it back. When I got on to posh i was greeted by multiple comments calling me a scammer, cursing, telling me that anyone that liked or commented on my posts would be told what a Piece of **** seller i was. I was unsure of how to deal with this since I had never had anyone act like this before. So I let it be, figured she would file a claim and we would go from there. When she filed her claim she posted pictured of the shirt that she had CLEARLY edited to look worse. It was so sad on her part, honestly.
    I confidently responded to her claim, saying it was a mistake. Explaining the duplicate shirt and how I fully intended to rectify the situation as soon as I realized there was one. I told Posh and the buyer about my intentions to send the correct shirt for free as well as refund the other shirts.
    I then explained that maybe next time she will contact the seller in a less threatening and aggressive manner , as every seller on posh I have ever dealt with, have been understanding and accommodating.
    And that I would be letting Poshmark deal with the return and the correct shirt would be going back in my stock.

    So instead of getting a free shirt, a refund of the $7 she paid for a 30$ item and a humble apology for the mix-up, she can return the shirt and get her $7 back and a block from a quality seller with cute clothes at great prices!

    Posh Mark did approve the return stating there were “Undisclosed stains in the photos she sent” (eye roll lol). It has been 4 days since that and she has yet to ship back. hmmmmm…..

    We all mess up sometimes, accidents happen. but BOY was this girl nasty.


    • Wow, what a mess! These things happen, and usually the best course of action is to contact Poshmark and advise them of your error and desire to rectify things. You can follow up with a comment to the buyer indicates you acknowledge the error, and then advise that Poshmark will contact them for follow up and resolution. It’s not a good idea to ship or send refunds outside of the app or prior to receiving instructions from them. It could jeopardize your case or ability to recoup losses.

      It’s too bad that your good intention was met with such unprofessionalism and hostility. It’s sad that people react so harshly from the get go. That wasn’t very fair or nice to you at all. It’s still astonishing to think that was their initial reaction, especially after you admitted fault.

      Did Posh mention how many days she had to return ? If she doesn’t act soon, perhaps your funds will still be released.


  4. Hi! So I had someone say that a sweater had “piling from washing.” I say “ok then return the item undamaged.”

    I just got the return, and it has a giant hole in the sweater. It also smells so strongly of detergent: so obviously they washed it even though they said washing was the problem. I

    I opened a claim but have had no response. When do you think Poshmark will respond? It was a really expensive sweater that is totally destroyed now.


    • I’m sorry that happened !! It depends on the timing of when you sent the claim. It will take a few days for them to review. Good luck and I hope it works out for you!


  5. I need help returning a damaged item from Poshmark. I haven’t received anything or reply from the Support Center. I am very frustrated and I have already been charged for the damaged item. How do I ever get in contact with them?


    • Did you submit a return or damage item request in the app under your order ? Hopefully you haven’t accepted it. Please note it takes 1-2 business days for them to respond. If the case is found in your favor, you will receive a refund.


  6. Hi! So I have been actively selling since May of this year. All 5 star ratings. Always mention any defects etc.
    well I received an offer on some shoes. NWOT. & I actually almost the buyer if she had remorse for buying because she asked a question about sizing AFTER the purchase. Unfortunately I simply answered her question instead. Wish I would have asked her about buyer remorse instead! She received the shoes & immediately opened a case. She actually pried off the entire sole of one show & put deep scratches into the other. So ridiculously obvious! But I got an email stating that she will be issued a refund. That was 3 days ago. I’m NOT happy because I know she did this all just because they were too small! I would have been okay with this had she not destroyed them on purpose. Now I’m out my shoes and my money! I cannot let this go. And will not. It’s not a whole lot of $ but enough! I know it’s very likely Poshmark never even looked at any of the pictures both the buyer & I sent in. So I will continue to email Poshmark every day as this is so unfair!
    My biggest question is this ; ARE WE ALLOWED to “out” an evil buyer within the app? I don’t want this evil person doing this to ANYONE ever Again! This buyer has nothing for sale & her first purchase she actually did this! You should see her about listing! Good Lord! Frightening!
    Anyway, how do they take the money back? Will that same listing continue to be marked “sold?” I have PA status but they sided with the buyer AS USUAL and imho I believe that’s because Poshmark knows I have made a lot of $ but the seller has only begun to buy. They assume I’m not going to leave a place I’m making $.
    It’s disgusting as Poshmark does NOT really look at pictures or even read anything the seller or buyer writes. I firmly believe that.


    • It’s sad that there are buyers who ruin the platform. Whenever people ask questions post purchase, (assuming Item hasnt shipped), I would suggest to go back and ask if she’s sure she wants to move forward with the purchase based on your response. Assuming buyers remorse isn’t my first reaction.

      It’s terrible that she took advantage of you and the system. Please don’t give up and definitely contest Poshmark’s decision. Take all emotion out of it and present your case with your clear facts. This means screen shots of your listing and photos that prove that you sent a perfectly good item. I know you did it before, but worth it to try again with escalation.

      We can’t “out” anyone in the app. While you have good intentions to help others, there are always people out there with malicious intentions. The only thing you can do is comment on her meet the posher (if they have one). Again, it’s a strategic decision to do this, because it has to be done without emotion – just the facts. So hard to do, right ?

      As an FYI, emailing everyday will likely delay their response to you. I wish you the best of luck and hope that it goes back in your favor ! It’s so unfair when honest Poshers have to go through this.

      As for your listing, you cannot change it. That doesn’t affect your refund status.


      • Hi & Thanks for the Fast reply! I will be receiving them back today & plan to videotape the return. Your article really helped me to put this whole thing in prospective- I have too many great ratings & sales to let this ONE loser wreck my life! I took it VERY personally when I probably shouldn’t have. So thank you so much ! You DEFINITELY got the emotions I was feeling RIGHT ON! THAT is what made me really see I was freaking out too much! Time to move on!
        I still don’t quite understand if they’ve already taken the $ back from me or what?
        Either way I’m preparing myself for this return & what she did to get it! I know they’re ruined & all ! I will do a follow up after I dispute once more so Everyone will know what happened!
        Thanks again!


      • I’m so glad you’re able to see this clearly. It’s so normal to feel like you did initially. Everyone reacts this way when we feel someone is taking advantage.

        At this point, they probably took the money from you, but if they agree that you weren’t at fault, they will credit you again. Wishing you the best of luck !!!


  7. I bought a “They’re Real” mascara from @ 1discountbeauty – received the product – seemed legit…released the funds. Then I used the product (I had previously asked the seller when they purchased this product and was it sealed…I never thought to ask if it was a knockoff!) – After using it once, and then had to immediately wash it off, realized it WAS NOT an authentic Benefit product, reached out to the seller to contact me. I didn’t hear anything, so I went back to my comment on the product and realized that they blocked me and removed me from their following. Contacted Poshmark for a refund…2 weeks later received an email that they will ‘reluctantly’ credit my account $11 (I paid a total of $17.49) – I said absolutely not, I wanted a full refund. Finally, reached out to PayPal and my bank to dispute this charge. Received a full refund, cancelled my Poshmark account and will NEVER do business with them again. What a hassle….and a VERY disappointing and negative first (and last) time experience with Poshmark.


    • I’m sorry that you had a negative experience. The issue is that Poshmark is upholding their policy that you have three days to contest your purchase. I completely understand your case. However, there are buyers that are not as honest and will abuse the system by using or destroying product and then attempting to obtain refunds from the seller after.

      It looks like Poshmark wanted to refund you for the product minus shipping fees. I have no idea why they chose to do it that way.

      There will never be a perfect dispute process, and it’s likely that someone is going to be upset. I’m sorry that an dishonest seller has turned you away from the platform. Unfortunately, this can happen on the other ones as well. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you !


  8. I found your post searching “poshmark damaged items” and wanted to give you a buyer’s perspective. I’ve now bought 7 items from Poshmark. 2 were damaged (damages not disclosed), 4 were perfect and as described, and 1 was just never sent. A 57% success rate is failing. One of the two damaged items came today and is in review. I am worried that I will be out the money and stuck with a handbag that is completely trashed with damage to the strap in multiple places and a filthy interior. This wasn’t shown in any of the seller’s photos. I worry she is going to say I am lying. I don’t understand why anyone would even put something like this up for sale. It is literally trash. No one would use a damaged purse like this. Unlike eBay, Poshmark gives me no way of knowing if this seller routinely does this. For a buyer, I feel like I have very little protections purchasing from Poshmark and plan to stop doing so. I just hope this isn’t going to be an expensive lesson before I stick to eBay for my hard to find “retired” items.

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    • Hi! I’m sorry that you had a terrible experience. I agree that the seller was not right for disclosing the damages and failing to send 1 item. Definitely a fail on their part.

      Believe it or not, I have been in your position twice. The first time was a high end designer purse. Though she claimed it was excellent used condition with some normal wear – it was exactly the opposite and to be quite honest, disgusting. I took many clear photos and wrote a clear, detailed description of what was sent to me and that it was not what was described in the listing or in her response to me. Poshmark sided with me, and I got a full refund.

      The second time, I bought a bundle and one of the items was clearly worn and never washed. It wasn’t a pleasant smell at all. Poshmark sided with me again, and offered Posh credit. I decided to triple wash the top, and use the posh credit.

      Hopefully, your seller recognizes their error and this is an easy transaction for you. I’m still convinced that the system is favorable to the buyers. Good luck!


  9. I’ve been on Posh for about a year and had all 5 starts ratings and no issues… until a couple of weeks ago. I sold a PRADA purse in perfect conditions… the buyer get is and a few hours later she opens a case stating that the purse is damaged: she says “the bag was zipped when I received it but now I opened it and a dent is heavily bent and I can’t close it anymore”. She adds pics of a clearly bent dent. I am appalled. I reply right away stating that clearly the bag was fine when I shipped it because 1) otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to zip it, and 2) it is clearly visible from the post pictures that the zipper is fine.
    Two week later I get an email that Poshmark accepted the return. What??? I ship out a perfect Prada purse and I have to take back a damaged one??? Is that even legal?? I replied I was appalled and that this couldn’t be legal.
    If anyone knows who I should turn to for justice please let me know, this was an expensive purse! I am so angry. Thanks for listening… :-/


    • I’m so sorry! This is a Posher’s worst nightmare. I would ask why they accepted the return and provide all the pictures that you have showing that it was in perfect condition. Try to escalate it and ask to have the case reviewed again. Good luck !


  10. Its really good to hear about this kind of thing, I have a person who bought a designer shirt from me and now a week later is asking to return the top even though they say it was not worn but fits them weird. I’m very iffy about this because I have no way of knowing what they will send back to me. She stated that the top looks like a dress on her, but its a basic tank fit. I’m confused on how to respond. I feel torn between being a good posher and helping out but also I feel the need to protect myself.


    • If they accepted the order, then there is no recourse for them and you’re not obligated to do anything. Fit is not an approved reason to return under Poshmark.

      If there are any requests for a return and the buyer hasn’t accepted the order, they can process their return in the app through Poshmark. Let them handle it – do not try to resolve on your own.

      Good luck !


  11. Hi, glad to be here an read some important information for me, im literally new in poshmark and my first language is Spanish, this app helped me so much to improve my English and I always work so hard in my items descriptions and photos, afortunately all my buyers rated me so well
    In the past two weeks I have listed two different items is sandals, one that was used one time and the other completely new unused and without tag, the bad thing happen, I send the wrong item to my customer and when she star a return request I’m super worried because I doesn’t knew how to deal with a return, I offer for free telling her my apologizes, explaining the situation and customer service is important for me.
    She acept and I thought that’s all! Today I see an email that poshmark refund me the amount of the item, because they assumed the customer don’t send me the item that she want to return. I don’t know how to return the money or what i have to do, anyone can help me with some advise please ? TIA


    • Hi! All returns and refunds should always be handled through Poshmark and their support team. I know you’re new, so you may not have been familiar with that policy. I suggest you contact Poshmark support to help you clear up the situation.


  12. My experience has been horrible, but on the other side! I specifically asked on a item if it was Women’s size or Juniors. Seller obviously doesn’t know the difference. Received two tiny Juniors items. A week later, I paid for a Women’s large sports bra. It’s a youth girls’ size! Posh sides with the sellers every time, even when I specifically ASK and am lied to. I’ve only been on post for 3 weeks, but I’m done. I’ll be cashing out any earnings and will spend them elsewhere. Poshmark offers zero buyer protection!


    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience. It’s interesting because we hear the other side of it. I’ve been a Posh seller for 5 years. The majority of people I’ve met indicated that the policy was favorable to the buyer.

      There are a lot of great established sellers out there. Good luck !


  13. I have been poshing for only two months. Throughout that time, I have sold over 100 items and have never had anything but a 5 star rating (I am already a P.A). My shipping time is 1.2 days and overall things have been great.
    I received a bundle order on Saturday and commented that because it was later in the afternoon that I would have it out on Monday. No reply from buyer. Yesterday I see that she has accepted and given a 5 star rating with no comment. Everything is a-ok to me.

    Then today, I see that she has updated her rating to 1 star stating that my “shipping time” needs to be improved and that one item is missing?! I absolutely know that all items were shipped and have no idea how she expected the items to arrive sooner than 2-3 days. Is there a way I can fight this? I understand that this particular review is not visible but, it bothers me that suddenly now she’s stating an item is missing? I sent an email to support because I am concerned they will try to pull my funds but, it seems unfair that a rating can be changed. I sent her a message on one of the items asking for more information but, can she still open a case once the order has been accepted? That seems so unfair! Now I understand why some people literally film themselves packaging and mailing items. 😦


    • Congrats on all your success in such a short time. I would say to ignore the rating. No one can see it, and it doesn’t hurt your average since you have so many positive ratings.

      She already accepted the order, so she forfeited the right to ask for a return or refund. If you want to try to resolve things for her, then only engage through Posh support.

      Ratings can be changed, but trust that this one will have no impact on your overall success. Happy Poshing!


      • Thanks for replying so quickly. I was honestly shocked because I thought everything was good to go on her order and I vividly recall packing it up and sending it off. I don’t know whether she expected it to arrive overnight or if she does not purchase often enough to know how all that works but, it was jarring for me as I have always tried to be a good seller. Thanks so much for the support. It has totally calmed me down! 🙂 ❤


    • Perfect timing… I’m also a fairly new Posher (April) – now a P.A. and have sold 132 listings, with an impeccable 5-stars rating. I take detailed pics and ALWAYS disclose the tiniest defects, spots, you name it. Then this morning I get a 2-star review from a new Posher who claims the item is not as described, has several defects, etc. I contacted her to apologize about the fact she was disappointed but pointed out that if she was that unhappy then she should have contested the sale: I would gladly have taken the item back and she would have gotten her money back. Now she is allegedly “stuck” with shoes that she “needs” to wear this weekend and I’m stuck with a bad rating. She replied saying that she’s new, so she didn’t know. So frustrating!! So Jenn are you saying I should just shrug it off and let it go??? This is just so unfair: I feel that Posh should give the seller a chance to at least add a comment back (like it’s the case on Yelp and other sites) to give their version of the fact . Her review is now the FIRST one that my future buyers can read in “love note received” ….


      • Hi! I’m sorry you had a bad experience. But yes, I’m saying to let it go. Posh rules are straightforward.

        Potential buyers can’t read any love notes that are less than 5 Stars. No one else can see your average but you. With a great record, this one bad transaction is really nothing in the long run.

        If you think about it, what would a rebuttal do? From a third party point of view, it just appears as a he said / she said case. Definitely not fair, but it’s how this platform works.

        Focus on your success and keep doing what you love. Good luck !


  14. I just purchased a NWT Anthropologie kimono that was not a kimono-it was a wrap (albeit a beautiful one) but not what I thought I was buying. The seller used mainly stock photos and her additional two photos, nor her description showed that this item was a shawl.

    I filed a complaint-part of the problem on Poshmark is the lack of clear description or measurements-so 80% of my purchases were clothes that were too big and shoes too small.But, this was not a kimono-I haven’t received a reply yet but rest assured, if a decision is found against me that will be my very last purchase there.
    I’ve made many “final sale” purchases-but this time, I feel taken advantage of; had I had any inkling of a listing discrepancy I would have asked prior to purchase-but what I got was not a kimono


    • That is too bad and I can understand your frustration – I am always very weary of listings that do not have pics of the actual item. Every listing of mine has my own pics as well as measurements. I also BUY a lot of stuff on Posh and I make sure I check the sellers’ credentials by reading the feedback or anything else on their page. As for things that don’t fit me or not exactly what I expected: I just turn around and sell them right back – that’s my « money back warranty » – even if I loose a few bucks in the process it still is a good deal. Again I hate to hear you had such bad luck…

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    • I’m sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience. I think it really depends on the seller. I have bought numerous times from others, and I’ve had two problems to date.

      I know it can be extremely frustrating, so when in doubt, ask questions. If a seller isn’t accommodating, or your have a bad feeling, then they may not be the right seller for you.

      Good luck !


  15. This just happened to me, too! I sold something NWT and the buyer complained of a small hole in the package (USPS’s responsibility, and the hole was not more than an inch in size). I had wrapped the item inside as well, and she was claiming that there were small snags on many parts of the piece. There isn’t any way that happened as a result of such a small hole in the package, and it’s the first time I’ve had this problem. This was a NWT, never-worn, flannel For Love and Lemons romper and you know those aren’t cheap. So while I had the chance to refute her claims, she got nasty with me totally unprovoked, and Poshmark resolved the case without giving me any notification! I’m furious, and now that the item is being mailed back to me, I can’t tell if she genuinely damaged it (her “evidence” photos don’t show anything to begin with, so I’m confused as to how they were approved). If she did damage it, I can’t sell it again. Ugh. I have a feeling they are more concerned about keeping the buyers happy than their sellers, because they’re the ones they really end up making money from.


    • Well I’m not sure about that: if they have no sellers……. then they have no buyers either!! I have to admit I have read (Facebook) many accounts where the buyers were complaining about Posh siding with the sellers – I guess it just depends. As for my NWT item that the customers claimed had been worn and retagged, her “claim” pictures were identical to my listing pictures – so I guess I could have chosen to fight it but I just said I would take it back and resell it. It’s on its way to me: hopefully it will be the same as when it left my house. I hope your romper comes back to you un-damaged as well.


      • I hope so, and same to you! Thanks. I mostly meant: there will always be people on poshmark who need to sell their used stuff. the alternative options aren’t always great (ThredUp is terrible, Tradesy doesn’t get as much traffic and is high-end only, eBay is unpredictable). but for people who want to buy used stuff, PM knows the buyers have a lot of options, and make money directly from their purchases, so they want to keep them happy. i’m sure there are unfair cases on both ends! but i seem to have read about more situations where the seller gets screwed over.


  16. Hmmmm… well that doesn’t give me a hot-and-fuzzy feeling!! I just had a buyer open a case against me and the irony is that it’s for a brand new item (NWT) I just purchased at Saks Off 5th… They are distressed jeans (yes, DISTRESSED) but the buyer pretends they have been worn and washed and re-tagged. I had good pics on my listing and the pictures she sent in her “case” are pretty much identical to what was posted. So based on the history I’m reading here it looks like Posh has a tendency to side with the buyer. That is really frustrating: I became a Posh Ambassador last month and have a stellar 5-star rating. I was planning on applying to be a speaker at Poshfest and this might just do the trick: I would have real Posh employees to talk about this instead of just a standard anonymous email!!


    • It’s definitely really stressful when a case is opened for a pristine item! I think for the most part, Posh does tend to side with the buyer. However, there are cases, like mine, where they paid both the buyer and the seller. It’s a frustrating process, but I’ve heard that it has improved with time. Since publication of this article, I have had a 4 star rating in addition to a previous 3 star. In the end, it didn’t matter. I think it’s great to use your attendance at Poshfest to talk about the returns process. I know they’re aware that it causes a lot of pain, but things only get better when grievances and solutions are discussed at length. Good luck, and I hope this results in a fair solution. Have fun at Poshfest!


  17. I’m convinced this person is a scam artist. Check out her comments and photos on her meet the Posher listing: @misreel
    At first I thought of course I would refund her. But then I saw her photos and thought more about her motives and there’s NO WAY the damage happened naturally. Her latest comment is trying to make me feel guilty. I keep telling her to contact Poshmark and the fact that she hasn’t is telling.


  18. I need advice! I recently sold a pair of J.Crew flats and the buyer came back and said the soles completely disintegrated. She posted photos and I find it so hard to believe that they came to be that way naturally. I can’t help but think, being the cynic than I am, that she just didn’t like them and decided to make it look like they fell apart. I don’t want to go to war over a pair of flats that I only made $22 on but at the same time this woman could be completely trying to pull a fast one. She’s brand new to Poshmark, doesn’t have anything for sale, comes across as honest but the photos are just bizarre to me. Now she wants a refund and I do not feel comfortable sending her a personal check. I contacted Poshmark and they said the usual things about going through the proper channels. I’m wondering if I should just bypass them, bite the bullet and just send her a personal check even though I don’t necessarily believe what this woman is saying. Help!


    • Do not engage with her outside of the app. If she has accepted the shipment, then she forfeits any recourse for refunds. If she has not accepted the shipment, then she does have the right to file a claim with Poshmark via the app.

      As a seller, you do not have to engage with her outside of this process. You should especially avoid sending her any funds directly ! You are not protected, and sending anyone your personal check is very risky. It could be a scam.

      If this were me, I would advise to her that any issues with the shipment should only be handled directly via the app, with Poshmark support staff. She should use the Poshmark process to file for any refund. At that point, she will be asked to provide details and photos, and you can refute the charges with your own information.

      If you want to bypass that and are willing to take the loss, you can always respond during the claim process that you agree to refund her money.

      Im sorry that this happened, and hope that it doesn’t deter you from the positive experiences that Poshmark offers! Good luck !


      • Thank you so much for your quick response! I’m happy to hear that my original feelings are justified in that I shouldn’t deal with her directly. I’m always going to stand by what I sell but check out her photos and you’ll see why I’m having a hard time believing this. Plus I have lots of J.Crew flats and have never had this issue and have never heard of anyone having such an issue. She’s @misreel. She posted the photos in her Meet the Posher listing. You’ll see my comments as well.


      • Meant to add that she said this happened after she wore them once. She also pointed out that her office is carpeted.


      • Did she accept her order ? If she did, then there is no recourse for refunds. You should never go outside the app or try to issue monetary compensation on your own.

        If she really has issue with it, then she should contact Poshmark support. They’ll handle it from there. You can always just say you are simply following Posh procedures.


      • Yes she accepted. According to her timeline through her comments she did not wear them until a few days after she accepted. I did leave her comments regarding the Poshmark policy and said I would see what I could do on my end but I haven’t heard from her since yesterday morning I believe.


  19. I know this was a few months ago, but they’ve updated their return process so now when a case is opened, its transparent to both the buyer and seller. For example, I just had to open a case because the seller switched labels and I got the wrong item. Which I did, and the seller was notified a case was opened, she was able to see what I wrote, plus any photos I included.

    And when the seller responds, the buyer too can see what they say, photos etc. which is as it should be. I’ve seen too many others post about how thye got a return request, and the reason was vague, so they had no clue exactly what the issue was. Thankfully I’ve only had one return in close to 3 years selling, totally my fault, and being able to see exactly what the seller posted, and said was helpful.


  20. From personal experience Postmark has horrible support. I’m a frequent buyer (never actually sold anything although I really should). One time my account was deactivated-I still never really got a reason for it other than I bought too much in a short amount of time. When I contacted them through email (there’s no number) they wanted me to verify all of this credit card and bank information, although my paypal account is verified. I was like I’m not sending you any of these stuff. I use Paypal for a reason, Paypal can ask me for verification if they want. I finally just shamed them on their Facebook page for them to re-activate my account.


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