Mommy Story: Losing Miu

Losing a child is never easy. In this post from the Mommy Series, Mayumi talks openly about the loss of her infant daughter, Miu.   When I found out that I was having triplets, I was ecstatic to hear that one was a girl. I could not wait to have her. From the moment I … Continue reading Mommy Story: Losing Miu

Travel Diaries: The Incident

I walked up to the storefront ahead of my group with a bit of excitement. The sign mentioned The Philippines, and it looked like a restaurant. At least that's what I thought. "Wait!", my companion held me back. "You do NOT want to go in there. You don't belong there, let's just keep going". I took a closer … Continue reading Travel Diaries: The Incident

Travel Diaries: Japan (Pt 1)

I wrote a while back about my top 5 travel experiences, and Japan was the first. I know that also means I skipped #2, but I'll come back to it.  The reason why this entry exists so early is that I had entered it in a contest about travel experiences. While it didn't win, I … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Japan (Pt 1)