Hidden Keepsake

I held the wallet in my hand, having difficulty accepting why it was in my possession. I looked at the worn faux leather, thinking about the stories it might have about its previous owner. Have you ever thought about what your own possessions may reveal about you? The edges were worn from pressure in being … Continue reading Hidden Keepsake

Too Soon For Goodbyes

The moment I heard it, I felt the familiar sting in my heart. A sudden, strong feeling that ached with the beginnings of loss. A mix of disbelief, fear and raw sadness rushed through me, resulting in an outburst of tears. No one could have prepared us for what this year would bring. It was … Continue reading Too Soon For Goodbyes

Alex Tizon’s “My Family Slave”

This story first appeared on my Facebook feed. My friend had simply titled "Must Read". I was intrigued and marked it for later.  I read it late last night, and I was left in awe. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it is heartbreaking. This story is now making the rounds, and … Continue reading Alex Tizon’s “My Family Slave”